Who we are?

Our goals and our motivation

Our motivation is to help customers enhance the performance of lithium-ion batteries as a key factor for shortening the recharging time, increasing the driving range and lowering the costs of electrified cars.

Our goals:

  • Establishing innovative thin-film processes and technologies by using new vacuum coating systems for specific modification of the surface conditions of lithium-ion battery materials and components
  • Using disruptive technologies to support the battery market in reaching its ambitious targets

The Enhanced Battery Solutions GmbH is a young startup company with a strong battery focus to develop new products.

We are a member of the VON ARDENNE Group.

What we do?


We work on different emerging technologies and approaches to improve the performance and cost-efficiency of lithium-ion batteries.

  • XPRIME functional layer that is deposited on the current collector foil
  • Functional layers on particles for active material
  • Innovative vacuum thick-film technological approaches as an alternative for wet electrode coating processes and solid electrolytes in a battery cell

Paving the way with XPRIME

By using VON ARDENNE’s in-depth expertise in applying thin functional films of various materials by physical vapor deposition (PVD), different promising approaches have been identified along the production chain of lithium-ion cells to improve their performance and cost-efficiency by functionalizing cell components surfaces. Typical thicknesses range from several nano-to about one micrometer.

Increasing conductivity

Reduces resistance between current collector and active material, resulting in:

  • Increased through-plane conductivity of the electrode
  • Increased rate capability and energy density on cell level

Enabling passivation

Enables next generation technologies and alternative production processes, such as:

  • Water-based electrode manufacturing
  • High-voltage lithium-ionbatteries
  • All-solid-statebatteries

High cost-efficiency

Manufactured in a highly efficient, binder-and solvent-free process

  • Reduced cost per energy and power